DeSpaminator & Webmail:

We scan and filter your email before you download it!

DeSpaminator gives you control over your email by eliminating virus and dangerous embedded or attached parts, testing for spam content and pre sorting incoming email on the webserver - before it ever gets to your Inbox!

Our default settings are so clean you only have to click a button to turn it on to begin!

What it is... in a nutshell

We scan it...
We run it through some tests to see if it contains virus or other potentially dangerous content. We remove the dangerous stuff.

We test it...
Spam Detection is achieved by a complex set of tests that are run on every aspect of the incoming mail. Based on a continuous learning system the program is updated continuously to meet the ever evolving tricks of the spammers. If the tests determine this is spam - it is never delivered to you - it is kept only on the mailserver where you can view it through webmail. Mail with a really high score spam is deleted immediately. You can adjust the scores yourself - or trust us to make those decisions for you.

We clean it...
HTML sanitizer strips incoming HTML email messages and turns them into plain text. This is an option you may turn on or off depending upon your needs.

Stripping the HTML will reduce bandwidth usage and disable any potentially hazardous functions that could be embedded in an html formatted email.

We sort it...
Depending on the score we either deliver the mail to your INBOX - or we place it in your webmail SPAM folder - and it only lives there for 30 days.

We deliver it...
Clean and real - email message from people you want hear from about things you want to know... no garbage!.

We save you time and money...
You save time and money, because all the processing of viruses and spam is performed by us on our network. This is done before the traffic enters your network, you save operational, bandwidth and email storage costs. And you lower your risk of time a consuming clean-up in the aftermath of a virus.

Reasonable Pricing...
All services paid 1 year in advance. Set-up fees based on hosting agreements (please call for prices).

New customers call for an estimate on set-up: 310 395-7456

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Please feel free to contact us:
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